Student Travel Grants

The US National Science Foundation has provided us with funds for a limited number of student grants to enable full-time students to attend WEIS. The precise level of funding will depend on need, and is of course limited by the budget we have available.

NSF funds can be used to fund students (undergraduate or graduate) who (a) are US citizens at US universities, (b) are non-US citizens at US universities, or (c) are US citizens at non-US universities (e.g., in Europe). NSF funds may NOT be used to fund (d) non-US citizens at non-US universities. Applications of women and students from under-represented minorities are particularly encouraged. Preference will be given to PhD students and authors who present at WEIS for the first time while ensuring diversity.

Preference will be given to those who apply for support by May 04, 2014. Please submit your application to me: [email protected]. Applications should include a short motivation statement, a CV, estimated expenses and a statement on the availability of other funding sources.